What talking to random customers 4 times a week taught me

15 May, 2023

What talking to random customers 4 times a week taught me

Over the last couple of years, I've developed a habit that has profoundly influenced my approach to product development and customer service. I've committed to speaking with a minimum of four random alphaOS customers each week, and the lessons I've learned from these interactions have been invaluable.

Lesson 1: Every Customer Has a Unique Story

No two customers are identical. Every individual I spoke to had their own unique experience with our software. These differences spanned from how they implemented our product, to the challenges they faced, to the innovative solutions they crafted. Recognizing this diversity has allowed us to ensure that alphaOS is adaptable and flexible, catering to a broad spectrum of needs and use-cases.

Lesson 2: The Power of Active Listening

Early on, I realized that my primary role during these conversations was to listen. I learned to quiet my urge to immediately provide solutions or counter-arguments and instead focused on understanding the experiences and perspectives of our customers. Active listening fostered trust and rapport, making these interactions more meaningful and informative.

Lesson 3: Feedback is a Gift

Some conversations were tough, brutal, and I had to go for a drive after the calls. No one likes hearing about the flaws in their product, but it's essential for growth. Criticism and feedback helped us identify blind spots in our product and improve its functionality and usability. It was humbling and sometimes challenging, but it taught us to view feedback as a gift, not a threat.

Lesson 4: Customers are great builders

Our customers are not just passive consumers; they are co-creators of our product. They've helped us find bugs, suggested features, and even helped shape the strategic direction of alphaOS. Encouraging their participation and valuing their input has led to a product that is more robust, user-friendly, and market-fit.

Lesson 5: Empathy in Action

Lastly, these conversations humanized our user base. Behind every ticket or complaint was a person trying to do their job better. Keeping this in mind changed how we interacted with our customers and made empathy a core component of our customer service and product development strategies.

Speaking to our customers regularly has not just been a learning experience but a transformative one. It has influenced how we view our product, our customers, and our role as solution providers. As we continue to grow and evolve, these conversations will remain an integral part of our strategy to building and improving alphaOS.

Talking to my customers have not just helped me make alphaOS better, but it has also helped me get a whole different view of the world. If you are a SaaS founder, there's no better job than this for you.

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